[Career Hack] Create A Video Resume

Hiring managers on average will receive more than 100 resumes for a single position. Speaking from experience, after a while they all start to blur together.

After getting to resume #57, I’m not even considering the “person” behind the paper any more, simply scanning for previous experience that I find relevant for the job & tossing out anyone who isn’t capable of spelling.

People start to get lumped into mental buckets “the guy who worked at Google” or “this person says they have a ton of experience in XYZ language”.

And even during the interview, it becomes hard to determine anything more than “do I like talking to this person?”

Forget determining technical knowledge, having them showcase one of their portfolio projects, reducing people down to a piece of paper isn’t good for anyone. It’s not good for the job seeking who is trying to stand out, and it’s not good for the hiring manager who is trying to learn about the candidate.

It’s like swiping on Tinder. Left swipe, not 6ft tall. Left swipe, only 2 years of experience.

You’re bound to miss amazing candidates, and amazing candidates are bound to miss opportunities.

Land A Better Job With A Video Resume

Want to land more interviews & make more money? One of the easiest things you can do to stand out is to create a video resume with a video builder like Tella.tv.

Can I tell you a secret?

80% of resumes are terrible. They have horrible templates. They have spelling errors. They weren’t written for the job description.

For most job postings, if I get 100 candidates I can throw away 80 resumes off the bat based purely on who can put together a solid resume. Your resume is essentially a marketing document that determines what kind of job you get.

There’s a reason why in advertising, video is the most profitable powerful format.

Attaching a well done video resume will automatically put you in the top 1% of candidates who apply. Not only does it help you stand out against everyone else who didn’t include one, but it gives you a chance to highlight your experience and personality in a way that’s almost impossible even during the interview.

Showcase the work you’ve done. Showcase a product that you’ve built. Even during the interview, the conversation is almost entirely focused on “telling” the hiring manager about your experience.

A video gives you a chance to show, not just tell.