Robinhood Cash Is THE Most Powerful Financial Product In Human History

I just got access to Robinhood Cash and it has blown my mind.

As a former bank teller who sold financial products and as someone who has worked in the finance industry for over 7 years, I can say this with a reasonable amount of professional certainty.

Robinhood Cash has turned Robinhood into THE most powerful financial product humans have ever created.

Here is why Robinhood is better than any other bank in the world.

Margin Turns Into A 5% Line Of Credit

The instant I got my Robinhood checking account, the margin in my account turned into a 5% line of credit.

The significance of this didn’t hit me for a couple of days.

In my US Bank account I have a $10,000 line of credit with 7.65% interest rate, and a $4,000 credit card with a 18% interest rate. As far as financial products go, these are pretty great.

They allow me to handle cash flow issues (like the $12k deposit on my new apartment I’m about to pay) without having to keep large chunks of cash, and the interest rate isn’t horrible.

The only way I was able to get approved for these though was because I had a long relationship with US Bank and I make a decent amount of money.

The moment I got my Robinhood Cash card, my margin instantly turned into a line of credit greater than what I was able to get approved for with US Bank, without ever having to get approved – and the interest rate was almost 50% lower.

This is also a good time to remember that with Robinhood Gold you get a $1,000 margin limit without having to need any assets, and one that has 0% interest rate. A better offer than any “intro” credit card on this planet.

Your Earn .3% Interest On Cash

How much interest do you earn on your checking account?

For most people in the world, the answer is 0%. If you happen to be financially savvy and keep a large amount of cash you might have a Money Market Account ($2,500 minimum). The current national average interest rate is currently .11%.

Okay cool, so your cash account earns over 300% more interest than the national average.

Now consider that a single person under the age of 34 has on average $2,729 in cash savings. That means that almost ~80% of them wont even be able to qualify for a Money Market Account.

So not only is the Robinhood Cash account earning 300% more than the average Money Market Account, but there is no minimum limit which means it’s actually an option for generations X, Y, Z.

Robinhood Cash Is A Modern Debit Card

It’s sad that this has to be a section in my article, but most banks are about 10 years behind the current tech industry.

My brother had to remind me that a lot of the “new features” like being notified when my card is used, having an app that actually works on my phone, or being able to lock my card with the swipe of a button, are all features that most modern debit cards have.

For someone who has been using US Bank for forever, getting a modern debit card from Robinhood Cash was like leaving the stone age of banking.

I don’t know why a lot of the traditional banks can’t keep up, but the actual features that a tech friendly debt card comes with were shocking and put Robinhood on par with other options like Simple, and light years ahead of options like US Bank.

The Future Of Banking

So let’s take a moment now to realize what all of this looks like. Robinhood is no longer simply an app that lets you gamble with calls & puts.

  • You have a modern debit card that comes with all of the tech friendly bells and whistles.
  • Your “checking account” earns 300% more interest than the average Money Market Account.
  • Your “intro” credit card is in the form of $1,000 of margin that carries 0% interest, forever, without needing even $1 of secured assets.
  • Your “savings account” is the ability to buy stocks & bonds directly from your “bank”.
  • And to top it all off, your “line of credit” or “credit card” has a 5% interest rate that almost infinitely grows in proportion to your stocks & bonds.

Find me any other bank on earth with a product more powerful than that and I’ll send you $1,000.