The Cult Of Generalism

This is the manifesto of the Cult Of Generalism. A philosophy dedicated to the technical mastery of all trades.

The human capacity of knowledge is limitless.

Since the moment of our birth, the world has attempted to mold us into specific roles. What do you want to be when you grow up? Are you better at English or Math? What is your major? What role do you preform?

It was presented to you as a choice.

“Would you like to major in engineering or business?”

“Do you want to become a doctor or a lawyer?”

“You can become anything you want, but not everything.”

It hides behind the fallacy that if you chase two rabbits you will lose them both. That if one becomes a jack of all trades he is destined to be master of none.

This is a lie that the world has led you to believe.

Reject the lie.

You have the capacity to learn everything. There is no greatness in handicaps. There is no greatness in relying on others to save you.

So many people in this world are looking for someone to help them. They have pigeon holed their abilities into these narrow boxes. They need a technical Co-Founder to build their product. They need a sales focused Co-Founder to sell their product.

“I could do this great thing, if only I could find someone to do the other half.”

True greatness lies in the mastery and technical execution of everything.

It is a daunting mission. Knowledge is infinite. How can one possibly become a master of all trades? It is an achievement that no one on this planet has ever obtained since the dawn of humanity.

Which is exactly why it is where true greatness lies. It is the shining beacon of light you must run towards.

Do not sacrifice one trade for another. Do not sacrifice your physical health for your mental abilities. Do not become great in only one area. Become great in all things that you do in this life.

Do not narrowly define your role, subconsciously imposing the limits of what you can become.

There is only greatness in attempting to achieve the impossible, and may you chase it until the end of time.